Sunday, June 28, 2009

Queen of Soul

On Friday Ken and I and some of our BFF's went to hear the Queen of Soul - Aretha Franklin. The venue, the Hollywood Bowl, was the perfect place for an summer evening concert. We packed some delicious food for dinner at the bowl and then settled in for an evening with a legend.

Hector and Suzie
Mark and Connie

This is a shot of the big screen :Aretha entered the stage with the help of a man on each arm. She is a very large woman and loves to wear big long dresses covered in bling, fur, and feathers. As Ken would say "she's so big, she's so hefty". Her music was the best. She sang some favorites like Respect. We did feel like we had been to the church of Aretha as she had us give a moment of silence for Michael Jackson, said a prayer then gave us some rousing gospel music. The picture below is bad but the blue arrow points to Aretha.

She had a great sense of humor and was a lot of fun to see and hear perform.

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