Tuesday, June 9, 2009


(DanKindergarten graduation)

Danielle informed me this morning on the way to school that she is officially a Senior.  Hmm, how does that work?  Well the Seniors from this year are done with finals and Graduate tonight so that makes her a Senior she says.  So here we go . . .  Senior Year.  Here is the Kirtley Family Senior Wall of Fame.

Natalie 2001

Sean 2003

Katey 2007

Lisa 1981

Ken 1979


Natalie said...

I love Katey's photo. She looks so grown up.

Welcome to FarrSouth. . . said...

Love the pics! Very fun

amanda said...

Wow, 3 graduates down, 1 to go!!

Jodi Jean said...

loving the pictures ... i can't believe dani is going to be a senior! crazy madness!

Amanda said...

How fun!!! I love all the pictures! Natalie looks so great, but then again, she always does.


Laura Brandler said...

love the pics, what is amazing to me is you have them available to post! i would have to search for days to put that together. my pics are everywhere, but in an album!

Scott H. said...

Everyone commented on the kids, but I loved the pics of Ken's and your graduations, very nice!! And we found out that you're younger than Amanda (my wife's) parents.