Monday, June 1, 2009

Little Luxuries

If there is a store I would choose to just browse in and look at every little thing it would probably be Anthropology. First, their window displays and decor each season are amazing. They can do things with tissue paper, yarn, and balloons that are so creative. Second, the minute you walk into the store the smell hits you and you start to breathe a little deeper and slower. On my last visit these were a few of my favorite items. Luxuries for sure.... the one item I do love to buy is the Mistral Shea Butter soap in the Almond Milk Fragrance. It is such a clean, yummy smell. The bars are very large and have little scrubbies in them. The stacking measuring cups are a favorite of mine. I don't own them but I think they are so cool they also always have really fun measuring spoons as well. Anthro always has beautiful clothing and accessories. They have had beautiful scarves lately. Finally they always have drawer pulls, door knobs, and hooks that are so artsy and fun. The two pulls above I bought for Dani. She has been putting different Drawer pulls on her desk and dresser drawers.

I usually leave the store with absolutely nothing but love to cruise through every now and then to browse, touch, read, and explore.

Where do you like to window shop? Do you have a favorite store to browse through (I'm not talking Target here)?

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Jamie said...

Anthro is a FAVORITE of mine! I am proud to say I finally broke down and bought an expensive sweater there. Love it!
If I could shop there daily I would.