Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Family is of God

Today was our Ward Primary program. The theme: The Family is of God. The children were adorable, it was the perfect length (meaning we ended on time), and nothing major happened. As a reward we gave the kids popcorn and let them watch a movie. Wow, now we know how to keep them entertained and quiet.

Here is a small sample of one of the movies we showed. The kids seemed to enjoy it. The actual movie is about 16 minutes long. It would be great for a family home evening lesson. Check it out. Oh and if you live near me and want to borrow it you know where to find me.

Pres. Uchtdorf shared this story of the stonecutter in a Conference talk - priesthood session- In November 2008. It was titled "Lift Where You Stand".

This is the synopsis of the film from Deseret Book as well as a clip:

There are two kinds of people in this world, those who choose to act and those who are acted upon. In 1856 John Rowe Moyle and his family chose to act by leaving their beloved England, crossing the plains with the Ellsworth handcart company to eventually settle in Alpine, Utah. Soon after their arrival John Moyle was called by Brigham Young to work as a stone mason on the Salt Lake Temple. For 20 years he walked the 22 miles to Salt Lake City to chisel his deepest convictions into granite. Even after and accident causes him to lose his leg, John continued his sojourn to the temple site each week until his death. Today his handiwork can be seen on the east side of the Temple and verbalizes the motto of John's life, "Holiness to the Lord."


Ken said...

the primary program was excellent! favorite sacrament meeting of the year. you're a great primary president!

Connie H said...

I also love the primary program. I love watching the kids sing and perform, and then be shy when it's their turn to speak. The spirit they bring is wonderful. A random thought, my ancestors John & Jane Kartchner were also in the Ellsworth handcart company.