Monday, November 23, 2009


On Friday I noticed the light filtering through this tree in my backyard and snapped a couple of shots. I am glad I did. Today is a very blustery day and I am guessing there won't be many leaves left on the tree when the wind finally tops.

I also want to recommend a book. Grateful A song of Giving Thanks By John Bucchino, Illustrated by Anna-Liisa Hakkarainen. I love the sweet message of gratitude and the simple illustrations that have such rich colors. It is a celebration of all the seasons, nature and the joy one can have when living a life of gratitude. Also included is a CD of this song recorded by Art Garfunkel.


Laura Brandler said...

I am going to get it to read to my grandkids this Thanksgiving, thanks for the recommendation Lisa!

Lynn said...

im going to look at this when i get to the book store. thanks lisa.