Monday, November 9, 2009

To The Core

On Saturday Ken and I attended a workshop on working out the core. It was offered at the gym and so I signed us up. They were only going to let 40 people attend and the list was filling up fast.

Five people showed up. Oh well it worked out great for us. We had personal attention from the master trainer and learned all about how to properly do core exercises. We learned five core exercises.

They had us do the exercises and watched to make sure we were doing them correctly.

I can now feel my core (which I was informed is what I would have left if my arms and legs were ripped off). OUCH! (that ouch is for the limbs being ripped off and for the pain in my core muscles).

I am hoping if I keep at it and really work my core that my figure will look more like an apple core rather than an uneaten apple.

Is that were they came up with the term? I'm sure it must be.

Hey if you were an apple what kind would you be. I think I would be a "jazz" apple. Yummy!

Food for thought:


Ken said...

ok...just because i found out i'm obese you have to post an artist rendition of me?

Lisa K said...

Could you please clarify - are you a pear or an apple.

Ken said...

the apple is balding so i guess that's me.

Natalie said...

I'm gonna say i'm a pear cause i think the outfitting is more modest

Connie H said...

I know that I'm a pear, my bottom part seems to be getting bigger and bigger and one day of Yoga a week doesn't seem to be helping. It might take more.