Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Food of Peru

This was at a beautiful Peruvian Buffet and Dinner show. The Ceviche and Calamari was amazing.
Breakfast in the Condo. Our Housekeeper/cook brought us a traditional breakfast of tamales.
I can't remember what this fruit was called. It wasn't too sweet, you just spoon out the inside and eat. I had problems with the texture - it felt like slimy snot.
This was a lunch to die for. The presentation was beautiful and the food delicious.
Those are sweet potatoes. They eat a lot of them in Peru and they are so good.

This is the restaurant. It was overlooking the ocean.
Here is my drinkable yogurt that Natalie recommended we try. Jung Mee and I loved it.
We traveled out of Lima into the desert to get this food. Out in the middle of nothing is a row of restaurants (term used loosely) that serve Chicharron. It is cooked in these big pots on open fire. It smells like a big campfire.

They bring you these yummy rolls and you put the meat and onions and sweet potatoes on the roll.
Here is the Cocoa leaf tea. When you arrive in Cuzco the altitude is 12,000 feet above sea level. The hotel had cocoa leaf tea available to help with altitude sickness. It wasn't bad, especially with a couple of teaspoons of sugar added.
This is from another buffet we went to. Peruvian food is very pretty and a lot of work and preparation.

Our final delicacy was guinea pig. We had this in Aquas Calientes. It wasn't horrible but I wouldn't order it again.
Look at those little teeth!
So now for the cold hard truth. The food was great but about Day 7 something got to me and my Tummy. I think it may have been the corn and cheese we bought from the little indian lady on the street. I didn't eat much after that and I was very excited to get my hands on a plate of pasta at Machu Picchu. I won't be craving corn or potatoes for a while.

Tomorrow - Machu Picchu pictures

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Connie H said...

What an assorted variety of food, what a great experience that you had, and good friends to share it with. Can't wait to hear more and see more.