Friday, October 16, 2009


Say it isn't so......Women of the world we must unite and make sure these never leave the runway and hit the stores.

For Katey: I think you will need a dog like this. I can totally see this in your future.

Please promise me I will never see this when I come to your house as a little old lady.

Boomer, a 180-pound Landseer Newfoundland dog, drinks water from the kitchen sink at Caryn Weber's home south of Casselton, N.D. The dog measures seven feet from nose to tail. stands 36 inches tall at the shoulders, measures 7 feet from nose to tail, and weighs 180 pounds.
For Ken: I think that I may have found your next sport. Your Welcome!


Katey said...

Mom, with a great dane in my future, you're bound to see a massive dog in my kitchen at least once.

Ken said...

poor lady doesn't realize her paddle is upside down...and she calls herself one of the great pumpkin paddlers of all time! i think not!

Natalie said...

oh i totally already own a pair of those shoes....