Saturday, October 10, 2009

Huacachina Lagoon

this was Huacachina Lagoon. Our big adventure here was Sandy Buggys and Sand boarding. Janet scared us at first she kept saying we were going to bungee! Most of the ladies were in the large dune buggy , then Jung Mee, Janet and I were in the small one.

Jung Mee was feeling very cool. She watched carefully as our driver hot started the buggy just in case anything happened to him and she had to get us home.
Here are our buddies.

This picture doesn't do justice. This hill was so steep we had to crawl to the very top. Then when we looked over the edge it appeared to be dropping at a 90 degree angle.
Yes I had to go first. There are all my fearless (ha ha) friends at the top.

After sand boarding the sun started to set so our drivers took us to a beautiful spot to enjoy the sunset.

When we stopped it was picture time, make a call time, and have a smoke time.

I decided we needed glamour shots since the light at sunset is most flattering. Keep in mind these beautiful ladies have all been riding around with sand spraying them and sandboarding down steep hills and they still look this great!

Nancy and Elizabeth

I don't know what happened but I didn't get a sunset picture of Jung Mee and mine turned out blurry. So here were are in full on daylight. ( not nearly as hot as the other ladies).

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