Saturday, October 17, 2009

North Etiwanda Preserve

This morning Ken and I decided to hike the new North Etiwanda Preserve. It was a beautiful morning with clear blue skys. The loop is about 3.25 miles. We did make the little detour up to the water gauging station. The trail is very rocky most of the way. We could see poison oak but it was not close to the trail at all. We were amazed at the number of people who were out hiking. Next time. More water. Link
Going up

This is at the Panoramic view area. They have three panoramic signs that help you pinpoint different mountains, peaks and citites as well as a picnic area.

Going Down


korie said...

I would love to hike that. But, Ken said on someones facebook that there are Mountain Lions and I'm way to chicken to do it now...

korie said...

Okay Bishop informed me today that my drive to Church is more deadly than the hike so... call me next time you go. I'll live on the edge!

Maybe I'll get some bear mace!