Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloween Time

Halloween greetings from Witchypoo Lisa. Being Witchy is what I know best!

The real Ken finally comes out and the truth is I always did like a tough guy:)
My favorite kids. Danielle and friends as the Harry Potter Gang.
Holly as Hermonie Granger, Danielle as Ginny Weasley, Jake as Prof. Dumbledore, Breckan as Harry Potter, Victoria as Cho Chang. Here they are casting a spell on the Photographer that she will be 20 years younger and more beautiful than ever. Hope their magic works.
Danielle's friends from school. David was a smashing Sherlock Holmes and Stephany was a Cowgirl. I think they are the best and I'm so glad they joined us for our Ward Party.


Sean and Stacey said...

Did Ken have to ride his "land tender" over to the church to make his costume more real?

Amanda said...

Awesome costumes all around!!

Jamie said...

LOVE your the costumes, especially yours. You make a beautiful witch!